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Why do I need Fidelity and Crime Insurance for my business?

No business or industry is immune to employee dishonesty. Fidelity and Crime Insurance protects against losses caused by an employee’s unlawful actions. This coverage will reduce a business's legal and financial vulnerability stemming from acts of theft, fraud, and vandalism committed by its employees.

"My CoverHound rep, Chris, was extremely helpful and knowledgeable of my needs. We discussed in detail what my business needs were and found great coverage at an affordable premium."

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Is Fidelity and Crime Insurance different than a Fidelity Bond?

Fidelity and Crime Insurance is often confused with a Fidelity Bond because they essentially do the same thing. However, there are some important distinctions between the two forms of coverage.

  • A Fidelity and Crime Insurance policy can offer higher limits.
  • A Fidelity Bond can offer direct reimbursements to customers that have fallen victim to an employee’s dishonest actions.
  • Crime Insurance is often an endorsement on a commercial insurance package, while a Fidelity Bond is separate.

Additionally, your industry, professional licensing, and the state in which your business operates may require you to secure a specific form of coverage. A licensed advisor can help you determine if a Fidelity and Crime policy is right for your business.

What's covered?

  • Acts of employee dishonesty and crime
  • Embezzlement
  • Computer fraud and funds transfer fraud
  • Document forgery or alteration
  • Credit card fraud
  • Theft of client's property
  • Disappearance or destruction of company property

What's NOT covered?

  • The policy owner’s criminal or dishonest actions
  • The policy owner’s liabilities due to crime related losses
  • The policy owner’s accounting errors

Why CoverHound?

  • Curated Choice
    Our data-driven matches allow you to easily compare rates from trusted insurers, meaning you can find the best policy and get back to business ASAP.
  • Comprehensive Assessment
    We take the time to fully understand your business and its unique needs, so we can recommend the right coverage to protect your business and employees.
  • Objective Advice
    Our licensed advisors are compensated based on service, not sales commissions. You can count on their impartial advice to select the right coverage.
  • Value
    Did we mention CoverHound is free to use? And we comparison shop with 40+ carriers to ensure you get the best price for the coverage you need.

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