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The Last Word on Living Your Company Values

Eight business leaders share their tips for living your company values through hiring and developing your people.

For the last several weeks, I've shared insights from the more than 600 business leaders I've interviewed about purpose transformation and how leading companies encourage their people to live out their values in the workplace. In this final installment, eight business leaders share their tips for living your company values through hiring and developing your people.

Seven Tips for Living Your Values

Go Big or Go Home

Denis Hickey, CEO Lendlease Americas Inc, a part of Lendlease a global property developer and infrastructure provider, says that companies need to go big with their values. "Values must be clearly stated in terms everyone understands. To drive decision making. they really need to be quite broad. Ideas like integrity, excellence, collaboration, respect, trust, and innovation are big words and you can do a lot of things under them. The value of these big ideas is that they give you a foundation for making the tough decisions in a way that keeps you honest."

Hire for Values

If you hire the right people, getting them to live your company values is much less challenging. Keith Moore, CEO of online insurance comparison shopping platform, CoverHound, says, "We say, "hire slow, fire quickly." We're looking for people who know how to continually improve. Often, large companies they hire people who haven't failed and don't know how to learn from failure. They haven't been tested so you don't know how they'll respond when they are. The better hire might be someone who has the right values and went through some trials, learned to listen to feedback and made the necessary improvements. Values and the ability to act on feedback is better than someone who looks like a star on paper but won't listen and doesn't deliver."

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