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The great roommate debate

When it comes to renting an apartment, there are many options for figuring out what type of place you want to live in. In many cities, renting a larger space with at least one other roommate can be much more affordable. There are also several other advantages to having a roommate that extend beyond monetary gains. On the other hand, many people enjoy living by themselves for various reasons. When thinking about whether or not to get a roommate, consider the following pros and cons:


Some people prefer to live on their own, but have found that they might not be able to afford it. One of the greatest advantages of living with another person is sharing the costs and saving some money. Having a roommate can save money in more ways than one, but cutting down on the biggest expenses like rent and utilities might be the most beneficial in terms of finance. Rent is the biggest monthly expense and can be around 40 percent of monthly income. With a roommate however, it is possible to chop that figure down significantly, giving you more money to spend on other things, such as student loans, credit card bills or savings.

Beyond the big expenses, roommates can share other costs of living, such as entertainment, such as the cable bill. Household essentials, supplies and furniture shared among two people will also save money. Not to mention, two people can share the household work like cleaning, washing dishes and taking out the trash.

Not all the advantages of living with another person have to do with money. Many people find that living with a friend can be an enjoyable and bonding experience, as well as a way to expand their social circle. Roommates who get along well might be able to share experiences and be there in good times and bad. While there is a lot that can be shared among people who live together, each person should get their own renters insurance policy, as sharing a policy or filing a claim can get complicated when you combine all your belongings.


Of course, while there are some great financial benefits to having a roommate, there can also be a downside - especially if there is an issue with sharing belongings and space or general cleanliness. Unclean roommates can be a major source of conflict among housemates. The same goes for too much sharing or a lack of privacy. When living with another person, it can be difficult to find time to yourself if there are many communal areas. Some people may find it hard to share space if their roommate invades their privacy or is noisy.

There is also the chance that roommates will have guests over at unwanted hours. This can also feel an invasion of privacy just by their presence. There may also be times when roommates clash over different principles or values. This can create arguments or other negative behavior that make home life a stressful place.

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