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The Benefits of Bundling Auto and Homeowners/Renters Insurance

Is bundling your auto insurance with homeowners or renters insurance actually worth it? It's not necessary but may have some advantages. Most carriers offer discounts for bundling and but people actually choose to bundle for a variety of reasons.

So what the are pros and cons to bundling auto and home insurance?

The most obvious advantage is that you only have to deal with one insurance carrier. That means you only have one renewal date to remember and theoretically it would be easier to manage. Unfortunately, with some carriers bundling isn't very streamlined, meaning that you may be shelling out money to only one insurance company but you may still have to write separate checks for separate policies.

If you bundle car and homeowners/renters you may also be able to avoid coverage gaps, which would is also of course advantageous. The most common bundled insurance policy troika is life, auto, and home. However, most carriers will have special policies just for auto and homeowners/renters.

Additionally, be sure to check with your insurance provider if you qualify for other discounts. With most carriers, the more policies you add, the more you could save.

Another advantage that is offered by many insurance companies for bundling is a reduced premium. Some insurers will even offer savings on deductibles. It is still it a good idea to comparison shop, for both bundled and unbundled rates. This is the only way to know if you are truly saving money.

In the very near future CoverHound is hoping to help you bundle policies from two different carriers. That should give you the added flexibility of finding the best rate for both, individually, instead of just the best combined rate. Such an offering will offer greater savings and convenience.

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