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Small space living tips

As rents continue to rise in certain cities across the U.S., more renters are living in smaller spaces to cut down on the steep price spikes. Though living with less space poses some challenges, more Americans are getting used to the idea through innovative micro-apartments in popular neighborhoods. Many of these buildings include several communal areas that make it easy to get out of the apartment and still feel at home. For those who are living in a small space, here are some pro tips to make life easier and not feel cramped:

Prioritize your belongings

When you move to a small apartment in the heart of a city center, you are likely paying mostly for the proximity to restaurants, bars, shopping and nightlife more so than the space or features in the home. If you're coming from a large space or even a house, downsizing to a smaller place means that you will probably have to get rid of some items. While this process might seem daunting, it is also a great opportunity to live with less and really keep only the possessions that you absolutely need or love.

Prioritizing your belongings and getting rid of extra clutter will make a huge difference when you do move into a smaller home. One of the best places to start is with the closet. Begin sorting through clothing and shoes and start getting rid of items that you haven't worn in the last year. You will be surprised how much you were holding onto. Use this same approach when it comes to the kitchen. Cutting back on dishes, utensils and kitchen accessories will really make a difference with little space to keep things.

Find creative storage solutions

When space is scarce, look high and low for ways to store your stuff. Place items under your bed or hang shelves on the walls for books and personal possessions. If you need to add furniture to your home, consider looking for pieces that can serve a multitude of functions. For example, search for a kitchen table that can also be extended into a dining table or fold into a desk or workspace. Multifunctional items are the best bet when it comes to furniture in a small apartment.

Use this same initiative when organizing your closet and try to use all space from floor to ceiling. Consider removing the doors if they swing into the room and use drapes or curtains instead to save space. You can even use the back side of doors for hanging purses, shoes or bags. Don't let any space go to waste.

Get renters insurance

Just because your place is small, it doesn't mean you can forego purchasing renters insurance. Getting renters coverage will give you peace of mind knowing that all the hard work you put into your apartment will be protected in the case of damage or theft.

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