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Lost, Stolen or Damaged: 5 Personal Items You Don’t Want to Sacrifice

Where do you keep your most prized possessions? In a safe? In a lockbox? Under the bed? If you’re like most people, your valuables are left right where you can find them: at home. With the door and windows locked you probably feel fairly secure. After all, you have taken every precaution you can to make sure no one but you can get into your apartment.

If somehow a burglar was able to gain entry to your apartment, it would end up being okay though, right? Especially since you have a renters insurance policy, guaranteeing you a financial
safety net should you have to replace damaged or stolen items. Pause. Stop. Rewind. Do you have renters insurance? If not, you will be left left choosing between replacing your work computer or smart phone with money out of pocket when renters insurance can help you replace these and other items should you experience a burglary. CoverHound can help you with all of your renters insurance comparison needs.

The Perils of Routine

As you are a conscientious apartment dweller who crosses every “t” and dot every “i,” you’re not worried about someone breaking into your home. You live on the second floor, keep the porch light turned on and keep everything locked when you’re away and at home. These are all good habits to have, but if a burglar wants to raid your home, they will.

Did you know that a majority of home break-ins are perpetrated by someone who lives in the neighborhood? This means that someone living in your complex could be a potential burglar, and if they know your routine (i.e. interior lights turned on at 4 p.m., porch light at 7:00 p.m., blinds closed at 6:45 p.m., etc.) then they know when you are and are not going to be home.

Contrary to popular belief, most burglaries occur during daylight hours, between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., when most people are at school or work. An empty neighborhood is big business for a thief. Still not convinced that getting a renters insurance policy will cover you in your moment of need? Let’s play a little game.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged

You come home after a long weekend away and find your apartment has been ransacked. The place is a mess and you’re not sure what’s missing. You call the police and exit the apartment, worried the burglar could still be in there.

The police arrive and check out the apartment, the burglar is long gone. Shaken, you file a report and proceed to go through each room of your apartment to see if you can find what’s missing. Here’s where the game starts. Below are three items that you can either choose to have lost, stolen or damaged.

Nikon D3400 CameraMacbook Air 13-inchPassportLost? Stolen?
Damaged?Lost? Stolen?
Damaged?Lost? Stolen?

Not sure what would be best? The choices given aren’t exactly optimal. Maybe knowing the value of each item would help:

Nikon D3400 CameraMacbook Air 13-inchPassport$499.95$999.00$110.00

The average cost of a home burglary is $2,119. You’re more than halfway there with just the three items listed above, what if the burglar takes more? Do you have the cash flow to replace all those items?

Renters insurance covers the costs of your lost, stolen or damaged items in the event of a burglary, fire or natural disaster. With a wide selection to choose from and for an affordable premium, you can sign up for your plan with CoverHound today.

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