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How Renters Insurance Can Actually Save You Money

When your house or car is broken into, you are at your most vulnerable. No other experience prepares you for the complete and utter devastation felt after being robbed by someone who saw an opportunity (an opportunity you didn’t realize was even there) and took it.

Despite taking precautions like locking your windows and doors, setting up an alarm system, and keeping your valuables out of sight, a malicious intruder snuck into your home from the dark shadows of a street corner and took you for everything you had.

With renters insurance, you can return to the world you knew before tragedy struck. At Coverhound, we help you find the renters insurance coverage you need to protect you from vandals and thieves. Your safety is our mission.

What is Renters Insurance

We’re all familiar with what homeowners, auto, and motorcycle insurance plans cover, but there seems to be less of an awareness surrounding what renters insurance actually does. Renters insurance protects policyholders when their personal property has been damaged or lost. This includes items that are stolen or if someone is injured in your home or on the property you are leasing. What deters many people from investing in a renters insurance plan is what they have imagined to be a pricy policy with hefty monthly premiums. We’re here to tell that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

An Affordable Plan that Protects You

Renters insurance protects you when the unthinkable happens. And when you bundle your coverage, the benefits far outweigh the cost, which more often than not is always set at a fair price. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), renters insurance costs on average between $15 and $30 a month—that’s only eight grande‐sized Starbucks cappuccinos a month, or a few standard lunches during the week. If you can afford to buy a fresh cup of coffee every day, you can afford a monthly renters insurance premium.

With the multi‐policy insurance, not only do you save money, but you are doubly protected. Having a renters and auto insurance bundle lowers your monthly insurance premium. Why? Because when people such as yourself take the time to be responsible in the world, you are rewarded with a multi‐policy discount. Not only this, but if you are hit with vehicle break‐in and an apartment robbery, your bundle gets you back on track faster than if you had separate plans. How so? If a thief breaks into the garage of the house you are renting, and in the process of hot-wiring your vehicle busts any of your tools or steals any of the items you store in said garage, with one easy call, you kill two insurance claims with one proverbial stone. If your car is stolen and the bandit managed to make off with your Christmas ornaments and sporting goods, in as little as a week you can be reimbursed for the items you lost and the car that was taken. Aside from hypothetical scenarios, bundling always results in lower premiums because the service cost for the insurance company lowers when you group your policies. Less overhead cost, cheaper premiums. With renters insurance and car insurance combined into a multi policy plan, you are saving money and protecting your investments, all at the same time.

At CoverHound, we work to provide you with renters insurance quotes that fit into your budget. See how you can save using our service today!

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