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First-Time Renters FAQs

After you have finally landed that salaried position (it only took until eight months after graduation) you can now actually think about moving out of mom and dad’s; it’s not just a fantasy anymore. As wonderful as getting your own place will be, it’s important not to rush into signing a lease. There’s your budget to think about, student loan bills to pay and renters insurance to get. You probably have a lot of questions, like: [what does renters insurance cover]( Is parking included in my rent? And so on. Let’s get a jump on those questions and put your fears to rest.

**Q:** Are utilities included in the rent?
**A:** This depends on the city and apartment complex you are interested in living in. Ask your leasing agent what is and is not included in the rent payment. Sometimes the added water, waste and parking fees can put you over your renting budget.

**Q:** Should I rent a fully furnished apartment or buy furniture?
**A:** This depends on how long you will be living in the apartment or the area. If you only plan on leasing the apartment for 3-6 months, renting a fully furnished apartment is the better option. If you are going to be living in a rent-controlled apartment for the foreseeable future, invest your money in furniture pieces.

**Q:** What is the pet policy?
**A:** As with utility coverage, pet policies depend on the city and apartment complex you are interested in living in. Some complexes allow cats and dogs, some only cats, and others no pets at all. For those that do allow pets, they might have restrictions on the breed of dog they allow. Many complexes do not accept Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds or other stigmatized or large breeds. Check with your leasing agent to learn the rules of your complex’s pet policy.

If you already have a pet and have your heart set on a complex with a “no pets allowed” policy, there are loopholes. If your pet is a service animal, apartment complexes cannot deny you tenancy. For more information on this, [click here](

**Q:** My parents keep telling me I need to get a renters insurance policy. What is renters insurance?
**A:** Renters insurance is an insurance coverage policy that protects your private property, including your furniture, clothes, jewelry and electronics.

**Q:** What does renters insurance cover?
**A:** Renters insurance covers the replacement costs of your belongings should they be damaged lost or stolen.

**Q:** Doesn’t the landlord’s insurance cover my apartment?
**A:** Yes and no. Your landlord’s insurance covers the structure of the building you live in, but it [does not cover]( your belongings if they are damaged lost or stolen.

**Q:** What are questions I should ask a leasing agent?
**A:** Some questions you should ask a leasing agent include:

When was the unit built?
When was the last time the unit (and the complex) was sprayed for [bed bug]( infestations?
What is the noise level on weeknights?
Is there free guest parking?
How long does maintenance take to resolve a housing issue?
Can my roommate and I pay you from separate accounts?

Now that you have more of an understanding about renting, it’s time to start apartment hunting. Don’t forget to get renters insurance with CoverHound after you sign your lease! Get your [free insurance quote]( today!

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