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6 tips for drafting the best pet resume for your next rental

Have you ever ran into a situation where you found the perfect apartment or home to rent, but the landlords said "no pets" when you own one?

This happens to a lot of renters and sometimes owning a pet keeps people from getting their dream apartment or home. However, nowadays, landlords are becoming more forgiving when it comes to allowing your cat or dog to move in with you, but some homeowners ask for information on your pet or a pet resume.

It's pretty funny to think about your pet applying for a job, but pet resumes are a serious thing to get your animal approved for your next living space. Even if the landlord doesn't ask for a pet resume, it's always very professional to add one to your application so the property owner knows you are responsible and serious about pet ownership.

Here are six tips to get you started on drafting the best pet resume:

1. List your pet's qualities

If the landlord doesn't want pets or is very strict on the size or breed, you need to start off by listing your animal's qualities. Make sure not to make a pet resume too long because the last thing you want to do is to seem like you're over-doing it with how special your pet is.

Instead, say whether your pet has gone to an obedience school, or add qualities like "does not chew or scratch furniture", "house-broken", "rarely barks" and "is friendly around children and other animals." Essentially, the landlord wants to make sure your pet doesn't wreak havoc on the space. The reason why a landlord enforces these rules is likely due to a previously bad pet involvement.

2. Reinforce cleanliness

Another major issue landlords have with animals is where they go to the bathroom. You want to make sure you reinforce the idea that you will clean up any waste and keep yards, walkways and sidewalks clean. Landlords don't want any surprises when they come to mow the lawn.

3. Add an adorable photo of your animal

The last thing you want to do is send a picture of your dog chewing on something or a photo of your cat looking angry. This should be the easiest task toward creating a pet resume, because cute pictures of animals are always tough to turn down. If you can get a picture of the animal with a child, the landlord will know it's a friendly pet that will likely not disturb other neighbors.

4. Provide pet references

Your pet resume should have a list of a couple of references for your potential landlords. This shows that you have nothing to hide with how great your pet is and why they won't cause any problems. Like any resume, make sure you contact your references and get approval first. Friends, previous neighbors and veterinarians are all good references.

5. Add info about care and grooming

Landlords don't like to allow pets into rentals because they can often make the place dirty. Cats that spend a lot of time indoors and outdoors can attract fleas and landlords do not want to deal with this at all. Make sure you detail how often you groom your pets, what products you use to deter fleas and what shots your animal has received from the veterinarian.

Additionally, you should inform your potential landlord where the animals will stay if you are out of town or where they will be while you're away at work. If you're animal has a good track record of being home alone, make sure to mention it.

6. Say something about yourself

You can tell a landlord while he or she is showing you the place that you're a great pet owner, but adding it in a pet resume is much more professional. In the pet resume, you should add an "about me" section that details how long you've owned a pet, your pet experience in the past and the things you'll invest in to make sure the animal doesn't become a nuisance. Also, you should consider renters insurance or inform property owners that you will invest in insurance to make sure the place is covered from any damage.

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