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5 Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Apartment Home Security

Not everyone can afford living in an apartment building secured by a doorman. For most people starting out, the first apartment they move into is a lesson in when not to sign a lease. Poor complex lighting, wonky windows and broken door chain locks are what most renters live with on a daily basis. To keep from worrying that a thief will take advantage and rip them off, apartment tenants get renters insurance. CoverHound delivers fast renters insurance comparison results and matches customers with affordable policies.

To keep you feeling safe in your apartment, get renters insurance, and along with renters insurance, practice these five tips and tricks!

- Ask management to replace the door locks. Security company Safewise recommends asking your landlord to replace all locks upon your move-in date. If your landlord says the locks have already been replaced, make sure to ask when. If it was within the last year, they need to be replaced again. Not every tenant makes good on returning their apartment keys, and the last thing you’ll want is to come home from work on a late night to find a stranger snoozing on your couch.

- Install an alarm system. This may come as a surprise, but apartment dwellers, just like homeowners, can install a security alarm system in their apartments. Home alarm system companies like ADT and Lifeshield offer wireless security systems that are easy to install. And guess what, the security system is easy to take down too. Once your lease is up you can pack up and move the alarm system with you.

- Install window track security. This sounds more complicated than it really is, as it requires simply putting something in the window track that makes it impossible for a burglar to slide the window open. After measuring the size of the window track, get a wooden dowel and cut it down to the measurements of the track. Slip the dowel in the track and there you go—a self-made window security system!

- Don’t leave letters for the postman. If you’re expecting a package or delivery while you’re at work, do not leave a note on your door advertising your absence. If you are expecting a delivery and are concerned about the package, ask a neighbor to sign for you or ask that it be held at the post office. Thieves survey neighborhoods for signs that people aren’t home, and a note on the door detailing to the delivery person what to do with the package while you’re out is an open invitation to a thief to come inside and steal your stuff.

Open Window

- Keep your doors and windows locked. This probably seems like an obvious bit of advice, but did you know that close to 30 percent of burglaries occur because the burglar was able to walk through an unlocked door or crawl through an unlocked window? Make sure that your windows and doors are locked down tight before leaving for work, vacation or running your next errand.

This list of things to do to keep your apartment safe isn’t meant to scare you, but it should definitely get you practicing safe apartment tactics. Should a burglar still manage to get into your apartment and swipe your stuff, your renters insurance will cover it. Don’t have renters insurance? Get it here with CoverHound!

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