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3 Costly Incidents Your Renters Insurance Covers

What is the one day that every working adult looks forward to the most? Payday. As soon as we see that electronic deposit in our checking account we know what the first thing we’re going to do with it is: pay those bills!

There’s the car payment, rent, electric and the groceries. There’s also another payment we should be making: renters insurance. And get this, finding renters insurance online is easy, all you have to do is visit us at CoverHound and we’ll do the rest.

Why Do I Need Renters Insurance?

Every renter needs renters insurance, even if they think they don’t. Renters insurance covers you in the event of theft, fire and other damages to your stuff or person. Renters insurance even protects your guests if one of them should fall on the stairs or slip in the tub.

As a skeptic, what you probably haven’t figured out yet about renters insurance is that it covers EVERYTHING in your home, not just the hand-me-down couch and throw pillows your mom gave to you to help set up house. There are three other items (not furniture) that a renters insurance policy will cover, let’s take a look at what they are and what you can save.

Smart Phone

According to Apple, the new iPhone 6s Plus with the 5.5-inch display is $749. Now imagine that you have left your cell phone at home and you’re gone all day. You left the phone sitting pretty (and charging) on your window sill. To top it off, of all mornings, you opened your blinds today. A sketchy individual walks past your ground floor apartment and notices the phone in the window. They bust the window, take the phone and you’re not out close to $800 and a window. But guess what? Your renters insurance policy (which only costs an average of $16 a month) will cover the funds necessary for you to replace your phone.

Sticking with Apple, let’s say you recently got the 13-inch MacBook Air for your graduation present. You’re excited to have a new laptop to see you through your first few years of grad school, and are thrilled you didn’t have to use your scholarship funds to pay for the $1,000 computer. After moving in to your new place, you charge up your computer. Not 10 minutes later, you think you smell something burning. The electrical outlet has caught fire and has spread its way to your computer! But that’s okay, because your landlord’s insurance coupled with your renters insurance will take care of the electrical and replace your $1,000 for a measly $16 a month.

Your Best Friend’s Fractured Wrist

You’re lucky you have friends willing to help you move into your new apartment, and even more lucky that your best friend since kindergarten has agreed to help you set up your new place as the furniture is delivered. But when you open the front door to greet said friend, in his excitement your dog bounds out the door and tackles your friend. You see them fall and hear your friend scream. One emergency room trip later, you’ve both learned your friend has a fractured wrist. This won’t be coming out of your pocket as long as you have renters insurance. Liability renters insurance will cover the medical bills and hospital visits your friend has to make at no cost to you. Why? Because renters insurance protects you and your guests from injury-related costs. If the fall happened at your home, renters insurance has it covered.

Just look at the money you can save with renters insurance. $16 a month is nothing in comparison to thousands of dollars in medical bills or electronics recovery. Get your renters insurance quote today with CoverHound.

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