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Your Gifts May Not Be Insured When Traveling During The Holidays

As millions of people hit the road this holiday season, many vehicles will be loaded down with gifts for friends and family members. Because it's difficult to bring a stack of presents on board a plane or commuter train, driving remains a popular way to bring your gifts along with you during your travels.

However, it's important to make sure that these precious items are protected when they're in your car. Personal possessions left in your car are not always covered under standard auto insurance policies. Because they are not part of the car itself or considered an accessory, many insurers exclude personal items from coverage.

Though you can buy specific policies that will, in fact, extend coverage to holiday gifts, most drivers aren't aware of what their insurance plans actually entail. This can make for a tricky situation for both insurers and policyholders in the event of car theft.

If your car gets stolen or broken into and your gifts go missing, then you may be tempted to approach your insurer regarding recompense. Car insurance will not cover these items unless specifically outlined in the agreement. Rather, your home insurance> or renters insurance could be the way for you to recoup a portion of your stolen property, according to Fox News.

Keeping your presents secure

Though being on the road for long periods of time can increase the likelihood of an accident or theft, thieves can also strike when you're shopping. Many people leave their newly bought items inside their cars when they continue shopping. This provides thieves with a great opportunity to steal your gifts while you're away.

Even if you have a security system installed in your car, it could only take a few seconds for all your purchases to go missing. Locking your car isn't enough to ensure the items in your vehicle are safe. You can buy property insurance or take out a temporary policy to keep the items in your car covered. Most providers will insure property up to only a certain dollar amount.

Additionally, it may be best to go over your homeowners insurance policy before you leave the house because personal possessions are covered even if they are located in your car. By being proactive and mindful of your insurance options, your holiday adventures will go off without a hitch.

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