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Will A Trampoline Affect Your Insurance?

It's a dream for many children, and their parents, to spend pleasant afternoons in the backyard jumping higher than ever before on a trampoline. But before you invest in a trampoline for barefoot back flips during summer barbecues, you should be aware of the possible effects on your home insurance policy.

How trampolines affect home insurance

Adding a trampoline to your home can affect one's insurance, or not - it depends solely on the insurance company. It's highly recommended that homeowners speak with an insurance agent prior to purchasing a trampoline. But if that isn't possible, it's best to acknowledge that accidents can occur and if they do, here's a list ways the situation can turn out.

  • You're covered: There are some insurance companies that include the use of a trampoline in their coverage.

  • A policy change: You may have to change your home insurance policy once you get a trampoline to make sure that you're covered going into the future.

  • Trampoline exclusions:
  • There is a chance that your home insurance policy will remain the same, but any injuries or damage that are connected to trampoline use will not be included.

  • Dropped coverage: Some insurance companies actually drop policies after a trampoline is thrown into the equation.

  • It should be noted that some insurance companies do random exterior checks with no prior notice to look into any developments with the properties they cover. If you've gotten a trampoline and haven't notified them, they may very well find out on their own. Instead of dealing with possible repercussions, it's best to let your insurance company know beforehand and see if any steps need to be taken care of on either your part or theirs.

    Trampoline safety

    Jumping on trampolines can be a blast, which is probably why more trampoline facilities and theme parks are opening across the country, according to The Times-Picayune. But with this rise in trampoline popularity comes a fair share of safety concerns.

    Just this past week, a young man in Albany, NY was involved in a trampoline accident at SkyZone, an indoor trampoline park, that led to his leg braking in two places. The accident was cited as a very rare accident by SkyZone, where there have only been three injuries in the past 50,000 visits. But Rebecca Brown, mother of the 16-year-old Christian Brown, felt the accident was caused by faulty equipment on the part of SkyZone and a slow response time by employees on the scene. SkyZone stands firm in the belief that everyone did what was instructed, including both their employees and even Christian's use of the facilities, but admits that these rare accidents do sometimes occur.

    Safety concerns surrounding trampolines aren't exclusively restricted to theme parks - the risks also translates to home use. More than 240,000 trampoline injuries are medically treated a year, according to Nationwide, and around 75 percent of those injured are under the age of 14. If you choose to invest in a trampoline for your home and want to make sure it's being used as safely as possible, here's a list of tips provided by Nationwide.

  • There should always be adult supervision and adult spotters on all sides of the trampoline in case of falls. Consider adding a safety net if possible.

  • Don't allow anyone to jump off of the trampoline. Make sure they stop jumping and walk off.

  • Don't let more people use the trampoline than the recommended capacity.
    Cover any potentially harmful areas on the trampoline, like springs, with a soft surface.

  • Don't allow children under the age of five to use the trampoline. Make sure there's nothing around the trampoline that they can climb on top of.

  • Never use a wet trampoline.

  • Make sure the trampoline isn't next to any objects or surfaces that could injure someone.

  • Set the trampoline on a flat surface that's relatively soft just in case someone falls off.

  • Taking the necessary steps before adding a trampoline to your home is integral in remaining proactive in your home insurance coverage. Finding out how much coverage is offered, if any, may make you think twice about the purchase or completely justify it. If an accident were to occur, it's wise to know where you stand.

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    Insurance shopping simplified

    Review personalized quotes, select coverages, and buy online - Everything insurance, all-in-one-place.

    Insurance shopping simplified

    Review personalized quotes, select coverages, and buy online - Everything insurance, all-in-one-place.
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