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What To Do After an Accident If You're a Ride-share Driver

We all hope to be the few that can go through life without having a car accident. However, because of the high number of miles ride-share drivers log, you’re probably more susceptible to accidents than the average driver. You’ll want to make sure that you are prepared if this happens to you. The first step is making sure that you have the right insurance. After signing on as an Uber or Lyft driver, compare quotes with CoverHound to get the right insurance policy.

Now, if you find yourself in an accident, don’t panic - here's what you should do.

First of all, if you have a passenger at the time of the accident - make sure that they're okay. If there's a medical emergency, call 911 for an ambulance immediately. If your passenger is okay, then try to collect the other driver’s license plate number, in case they leave the site of the accident before anything else can be done.

Next, exchange information with the other driver - things like insurance, driver’s license, and contact details. Keep calm while trading information, as hard as it may be at the time. Don't lose your cool. Also, as you talk to the other driver, don’t admit fault. That’s what investigations are for.

If you hadn't already - then call the police. Just tell them that there has been an accident, they can collect details when they arrive. You’ll also want to make note of any witnesses to the accident. Ask if they’d be willing to present their view of events and take their contact information for if they are needed later.

Finally, take a few moments to make notes about what happened. It’s important to do this when the accident is fresh in your mind. The last thing you want is to change stories or forget important details.

What Information Should You Exchange?

If you are not logged into the ride-sharing application, the answer is easy, call your current insurance company. If you are logged into the ride-sharing application, but haven’t yet made a match, you’ll likely want to contact your current insurance company. But keep in mind, they’ll probably ask you whether you are an ride-share driver. Most will deny coverage and may even drop your coverage altogether if this is the case.

Because of the chance that you may be without coverage in this circumstance, you’ll want to make sure that your company will actually cover you in this situation before an accident happens. If you are lucky to find a company that will cover you, even as a ride-share driver, make sure you get this in writing.

If you've made a match with a passenger or that passenger is in the car - your rideshare company's insurance will cover you.

The safest option is to buy personal auto insurance from a company that explicitly offers rideshare insurance to drivers. This option is new and the number of companies offering it are still few. CoverHound has licensed agents that can you find the right carrier for you by asking one set of questions and giving you quotes from a number of companies that now offer this coverage.

Make sure that you are fully protected. Visit CoverHound today to get the right rideshare insurance with CoverHound.

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