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What Motorcycle Insurance Discounts Are Available To You?

Operating a motorcycle comes with its own set of challenges and expertise. As such, the insurance policy you take out on your motorcycle is quite different from traditional car insurance. Whether you are new to the road or are looking to update your plan, it's best to be aware of the potential discounts that you can apply for. Speak with your provider to see how much you can save on your monthly premiums.

Safety courses

The more classes you take, the better. If your provider is aware of the commitment you are showing to being a safe driver, then they will likely reward you with some form of discount. Typical courses can include written tests, driver training and learning about the inner workings of the motorcycle.


How old you are will factor into every type of insurance you choose to buy in the future. Younger drivers usually pay more because they are considered a greater risk, especially on a motorcycle. Older bikers are accompanied with lower rates because they have usually been riding for longer and are less likely to make mistakes while on the road.

Bike club

Many insurance providers have discounts relating to some form of bike club. However, there are only roughly 20 or so approved motorcycle organizations recognized by the insurance industry. These groups are seen as positive influences on driver safety and promote the well-being of bikers.

Additional policies

If you have other policies from the same insurer, then you may qualify for a reduced monthly rate. Insurance companies want their customers to buy more than just one type of insurance. Many people have home, auto and motorcycle insurance all through the same company. This means customers are more likely to stick with the same provider for many years because all of their insurance is tied to one company. You can also take out additional policies relating to your motorcycle itself. Insuring the parts of your bike, riding gear and new equipment makes you a safer driver and helps keep damage costs low in the event of an accident.


As is the case with other insurance types, discounts are available for bikers that have clean driving records. Usually, if you have not been in an accident in the past two years, then a discount will apply. Providers reward customers that file fewer claims and don't rack up huge expenses that must be covered.

License endorsement

By getting an M endorsement, you can prove that your are able to ride any type of motorcycle regardless of size. Some people prefer smaller street bikes, while others ride heavier, classic motorcycles. Starting out, many younger people learn to ride on dirt bikes or scooters. All of these types of bikes come with different capabilities and learning curves. An M endorsement is basically an extension of your license. Insurers will see that you are dedicated to learning how to operate several different bike models, which means you are likely to be a much safer driver.

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