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Vehicle Modifications and What They Mean for Your Auto Insurance Premium

When was the last time you compared car insurance rates? Having a tough time remembering? If you can’t remember, that only means one thing: it’s time to do a rundown comparison again.

Has your car recently undergone any modifications? This doesn’t include window tinting, an engine re-build or bike rack installation. If you recently installed new vehicle safety features, you might just qualify for an auto insurance premium discount..

Here are three vehicle modifications that will lower your monthly auto premium!

Kill Switch

If your vehicle is parked in an uncovered area lot every night, it’s susceptible to car thieves. Not only are you more in danger of getting your car stolen, you run the chance of paying a higher insurance premium too! If you install a kill switch in your vehicles, your premiums could come down. Why? “[A kill switch] disrupt[s] the flow of electricity at the battery or ignition switch or disable[s] the fuel pump. Any of these will quickly frustrate the bad guys into moving on to an easier target, but two or three will render a car virtually theft proof.”

By installing safety features in your vehicle, your insurance company will mark the vehicle as better protected and will lower the insurance premium.

Electronic Sound Alarm System

Not all vehicles come with anti-theft features. Vehicles without these features typically cost their owners more money in insurance premiums. If your car is parked outside on a public street while you’re sitting in a restaurant enjoying a lunch with friends, is there a way for you to notice unusual behavior happening near your car? What if some teenager decides they want to take it for a joyride? Without a sound alarm system, you won’t be alerted to someone trying to make off with the vehicle. Sound alarms “blast the horn and flash the [vehicle’s] lights when activated.” Sound alarms also score you a car insurance discount because like the kill switch, it’s a safety feature meant to curb car theft.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

After buying groceries for the week. you walk out to the lot looking for your car, but you don’t see it. All you see is broken glass. This can’t be happening, you think. Your car has been stolen. A stolen car is awful, but if the car has a vehicle recovery system, you have greatly increased the chances of it being found before it has been stripped for parts. Edmonds reports that vehicle recovery systems, also commonly referred to as telematics systems, help vehicle owners track down their stolen vehicles faster than if they relied on the police alone. Not only is the recovery system useful in getting your car back, insurance companies will give as much as a 10 percent discount on your insurance premium if you have a recovery system installed.

In short, the three vehicle modifications that’ll get you an auto insurance discount are all safety-related. Rewarded for being a conscientious driver? How easy is that? Visit CoverHound today for your discounted policy!

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