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Unusual Events Create Odd Insurance Claims

Homeowners and Home insurance is a necessary cost of owning a house, and while many people pay the monthly bill without much thought, it's comforting to have the insurer there when you need it. It's the same with auto insurance.

But some days, insurance companies face interesting and even humorous claims.

Some claims get covered:

  • Two families living in Drifton, Pennsylvania, had their homes swallowed whole by collapsed mines, according to Bankrate. There's actually special mine subsidence insurance for these types of incidents. One family had it and was covered, while the other did not.

  • Homeowners have filed claims for stampeding animals damaging their homes. This may be covered depending on a policy. Damage by wild animals is usually covered, but damage by domestic animals like your dog or cat is not.

  • Another couple on vacation, this time in Malaysia, had their clothes stolen by a group of monkeys. Rumor has it the insurance company covered it, according to List 25.

  • Skunks have occasionally entered homes and caused property to need to be replaced. If skunks are considered wild animals, this type of damage may be covered.

  • Meteors, comets and other space debris have been known to fall from the sky and damage homes, vehicles and other personal property. It may seem a bit like science fiction, but many of these claims are covered by the general risk of falling objects.

  • A bride's dress once caught on fire, causing her husband to throw her into the ocean, Odd or What reported. It might not have been the memory they were hoping for, but at least the insurer paid for a part of the dress.

  • A man once had a rogue Christmas tree crash through his windshield. The insurer got the man a new windshield in addition to his extra tree.

  • Sometimes, people actually get hit in the head with coconuts, and then insurance companies cover the medical bills.

  • A few people are out of luck:

  • Speaking of animals, a couple on vacation in France filed a claim after a herd of cows licked the paint off their car. It's unknown whether the couple got any money back for the damage.

  • Waterbeds and aquariums have burst, flooding rooms and damaging homes and belongings. Whether this is considered flooding may be up for debate, and in general, floods aren't covered by home insurance policies, so these incidents may not have been covered.

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