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Traveling? 4 Things to Do to Look Like Someone is Home

When you go on vacation, does your house look unoccupied? You may be ready to jet off to a new locale, but you don’t want to invite burglary or damage in your absence. According to FBI data, burglaries of residential properties make up 73.9 percent of all burglaries. You don’t want to take a chance with something as important as your property.

Learn more about four things you can do to make it look like someone is home whenever you travel, and protect your belongings further with the right insurance coverage. Compare homeowners insurance quotes online from CoverHound today.

Timer Lights

A consistently dark, empty house can signal to passersby that nobody is home. When burglars search for the ideal property to target, a lack of illumination certainly makes their job easier. Setting up a timed lighting system can make it appear like someone is home. Better Homes and Gardens suggests choosing a kit that connects to your home wireless system and allows you to set a schedule and customize lighting remotely. It’s also worthwhile to consider placing a few motion-sensing lights around your driveway and entryways to further deter unwanted visitors.

Mail Collection

Do you have a few Amazon Prime packages waiting on your doorstep? Have you been waiting for some important documents to arrive in your mailbox? Unfortunately, a buildup of mail is a huge indicator that nobody is home. A little foresight in this area gives you easy options to avoid this clear signal of absence. You can call or go online to have the post office hold your mail for the duration of your trip, and avoid timing packages to arrive during your vacation. You can also have a trusted friend, relative, or neighbor grab your newspapers, boxes, and mail and keep it for you until you get back.

Avoid Leaving Clues

If you have a regular appointment with a landscaper, home cleaner, dog walker, or anyone else, be sure to call ahead and provide instructions for what to do in your absence. Dashing out the door and leaving a note, even on a side door, is a huge sign that the house is empty. Avoid any exterior signage that may indicate that you’ve left, and follow the same guidelines for social media. Resist the temptation to post online about going on vacation until you’re already back, as you can’t verify every set of eyes on your posting.

What’s in Your Driveway?

A chronically empty driveway—especially if you usually come and go throughout the day—is a no-no in terms of protecting your property from burglars. Leave one vehicle in the driveway if possible, or ask a neighbor you trust to park in your driveway periodically throughout your absence. It doesn’t have to be full time; just enough to make it clear that your home is not totally unattended.

When you go on vacation, it’s important to go the extra mile to make it look like someone is home. It’s a good tactic to deter burglaries that can cost you money, time, and your sense of well-being. For another level of coverage, start a homeowners insurance quote with CoverHound today.

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