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Tips To Properly Store Your Motorcycle This Winter

It's a sad day each year, but there comes a moment when motorcyclists know they have to put their bikes away. This process isn't as simple as sticking the motorcycle in the back of the garage either. There are numerous steps riders should take to ensure their bikes are ready to go come spring.

To protect your motorcycle during the winter, follow these steps:

  • Clean the motorcycle thoroughly. Before you say goodbye to your bike, make sure you've given it a thorough wash. You can even purchase special treatments to avoid oxidation or fading.

  • Purchase a cover. There are special covers made from breathable material and in the correct shape for your bike. You can use a tarp or sheet, but these materials can retain moisture, leading to mildew or rust.

  • Add fuel stabilizer to the tank. You don't want the gas in the tank to break down over the winter so purchase a fuel stabilizer. Once you add it, run the bike for a few minutes to work it through the system.

  • Check and top-off fluids. Make sure your brake fluid and other coolants are full, or if you prefer, completely drain the systems and refill them before you begin riding again in spring.

  • Change the oil. Old oil can become disgusting and bad for your bike. Change it out before you store your bike so you have clean oil ready to go in a few months.

  • Keep your tires off the ground. If tires stay on the same surface for months, they can get flat spots. If you can't keep your bike off the ground, rotate your tires every few weeks.

  • Don't ignore the battery. Some motorcycles will slowly drain the battery even when it's not in use. You can either trickle charge the battery all winter or make sure it's fully charged when you put the bike away.

  • Review your motorcycle insurance policy. You may not be riding your bike, but that doesn't mean you won't need insurance. Make sure your insurance policy is up to date in case your motorcycle is stolen or damaged.
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