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Tips For Saving Space In An Apartment

In most cities, rent unfortunately does not reflect the size of the apartment, but the location. For that reason, many renters need to utilize their space more efficiently than home owners to make the most out of their tiny place. With the additional expense of city living and renters insurance, it pays to maximize what space you have space in your apartment.

Buy less

One bonus to living in a small city apartment is that it simply won't hold as much furniture as a regular home would. In this way, renting could be a financial advantage for some people, as the price per month and added costs of city living may be less than putting a payment down on a house or spending money maintaining their home or yard. A smaller couch, fewer tables and less decoration can actually save you some money.


If you are making the move from a home to an apartment, take the time to think about what your most prized possessions are. You may find that you do not need that mini cupcake maker that has been gathering dust in the back of your kitchen closets, or all of that extra bedding. It will help to limit yourself to exactly the items that are most important to transition to the new space. As a bonus, fewer "things" will make your apartment feel less cluttered.

Storage is key

A main element to maximizing space in a small apartment is storage. Instead of keeping your things low to the ground in wide containers, try constructing vertical, floor-to-ceiling storage - if you can - that will draw the eye upward, making your space feel larger. In addition, storage that is taller rather than deeper will give you more floor space to work with. If you are really looking to save floor space, try mounting shelving on the upper half of the walls, recommended Apartment Therapy.

Multi-function furniture

When you are selecting the minimal furniture for your place, think about what other purposes it could hold. Maybe a couch with underneath storage would benefit your apartment, or perhaps you'll want a coffee table that can extend into a work desk.

If you decide to make the leap and potentially save some money by moving into a smaller space, try out some of these tips to help keep the space feeling as large as possible.

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