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The Selfless And Selfish Method Of Car Insurance Liability

Your driver’s license is a contract between you and the state. It’s a contract that promises you will be a responsible motorist on the road and a proud carrier of car insurance liability coverage. But for some people, as soon as they get behind the wheel, it feels as though they have been granted the gift of flight. They are in control of a mighty machine that moves at their every whim; speed is intoxicating and road signs mere suggestions. For others, the car is a machine with the potential to do great harm, and so, they take every precaution to ensure that they follow every traffic rule, and carry all the insurance protection they can.

At CoverHound, we provide drivers with competitive car insurance liability quotes so they can find the coverage that works for them without breaking the bank.

Liability Coverage that Protects the Innocent

There is no bigger wake up call than when you are involved in a traffic collision you are solely responsible for. We all make mistakes, it’s in our nature as humans, but when we have taken the risk and lost, the guilt can be unbearable. According to the Association for Safe International Travel (ASIRT), in the Unites States alone, 2.35 million people are injured or disabled in a car crash annually, with 37,000 people succumbing to their injuries. More than half of all traffic collision deaths befall young adults between the ages of 15-44. Every year, we are losing family, friends, and colleagues to terrible road conditions and reckless drivers. Not only this, but when it’s our fault, no matter how careful we are, we’re not just losing our loved ones, but in some cases, our very livelihood.

When we don’t have the car insurance liability coverage we need after we have been in an accident, the ensuing costs are monumental. Not only are you responsible for paying the property damages and medical expenses for yourself, but when you’re the driver at fault, you are also responsible for covering the medical and property costs of the person you hit; this includes paying for any injuries suffered by the passengers in the car at the time of the crash. This can cost hundred of thousands of dollars and doesn’t include the expenses brought by being sued. If you can’t cover the other driver’s losses, you will be nickel and dimed by their personal injuries lawyer, if not altogether taken for everything you’ve got.

But with liability insurance coverage, your plan pays for the property damage, medical costs, loss of income, and in the worst of situations, funerary expenses for the person you hit. So by having liability coverage, you are securing the financial safety not just of yourself, but of the other driver. Liability insurance, when it boils right down to it, is the singular shiny beacon of hope when you are caught in a legal battle after a horrific accident. Not only this, but you are providing the much needed and necessary financial support to the individual you hurt, and isn’t that what’s most important?

Finding liability insurance that fits your lifestyle is wonderfully simple when you use CoverHound. Speak with a CoverHound representative today to find the right car insurance liability policy for you.

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