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The AI Chatbot: Good for Business or Bad for Customers?

When you’ve clicked on a product services website, has a small message appeared equipped with the photo of a bright-eyed and smiling individual introducing themselves and asking you if you need any help on said website today?

While you might think that this message is from a flesh and blood living person, you are most likely receiving the message from an AI chatbot. According to Business News Daily, AI technology isn’t just for Fortune 500 companies anymore; small business owners just like you can use AI technology to improve client-site interface and foster client-business relationships.

Given the above benefits of AI technology, it’s worth looking into what it can do for your small business. As a go-getting entrepreneur who has invested in programs ranging from promoting employee wellness to commercial insurance (no small business can go without it!), you understand what it takes to run a business well.

Let’s look at the benefits and drawbacks an AI chatbot can have on your company’s website.

AI Chatbot Benefits

• AI helps run the business more efficiently. VentureBeat writes that AI technology can help shoulder the burden of running a business by taking over the basic but necessary day-to-day job tasks, such as through generating answers to FAQs, helping direct clients to valid electronic forms and assisting you in responding to client feedback.

• Chatbots make customers feel heard. If a customer is searching for a product or an answer to a question on your website and can’t find it in 10-20 seconds, they will click off. A chatbot that pops up right away asking how the customer can be assisted will help keep the customer on your webpage and make them feel that their business with you is your number one priority.

• AI technology can help your business maintain its voice. By crafting your “how can I help you?" messages yourself along with thoughtful responses, you never have to worry about your AI chatbot going off-script, as a living, breathing human employee could.

AI Chatbot Drawbacks

• AI technology lag time. The chatbot might ask visitors to your site quickly about what they’re looking for, but it can take several minutes before they respond. This will leave visitors to your website feeling like they’ve been ignored or are unimportant, and they will click off.

• Some AI chatbots can look spammy. If a large jiggling box suddenly pops up in the middle of your computer screen asking you to type in a question, would you, or would you not think it was a virus? If the chatbot looks confusing or moves around the screen erratically, no one will want to use it.

• AI technology is still in the early phase. CardFellow notes that while AI technology is growing, it’s still in its “primitive phase." AI chatbots can only interact with customers in so many ways. This means that at some point, the customer will need to speak with an actual representative from your business.

Knowing what you know now about AI technology, it’s up to you if you want to invest in it or not for your company website. But make sure you invest in commercial insurance with CoverHound—insurance is something you can never forego.

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