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Stress Less: 4 Tips for Preventing Burnout as an Interior Designer

Most interior designers get into the industry because they have a deep passion for their work. But sometimes, the demanding nature of the job can get to be too much. Letting stress build up is detrimental for your productivity, client relations or personal life; it just leads to serious burnout and perhaps even thinking twice about your chosen career.

Here are four key tips for preventing burnout—from setting firm boundaries to finding business insurance for interior designers that will have your back in the event of a lawsuit.

Set Client Boundaries

When’s the last time you got a full eight hours of rest? Do you have clients calling you well outside the professional workday? Are your weekends eaten up with emails? Boundaries will help you establish a healthy work life that leaves room for your physical and mental health, too. Psych Central suggests thinking ahead about factors like: “the number of hours you’ll work; under what circumstances and conditions you’ll work overtime; which people, if anyone, you’ll give your personal cell phone number,” and more.

Working as an interior designer often means forgoing a typical 9-to-5 schedule. But that doesn’t mean you should have your mobile device glued to your hand 24/7, anxiously running over work details in your head. Designate your “on time” so you can carve out some “off time.”

Set a Consistent Schedule

One of the biggest stressors for interior designers is the inconsistency; one month you’re up to your neck in work and the next you’re scrambling to fill your days. MultiBriefs calls the industry “feast-or-famine,” noting there’s usually too much or not enough work. One way to remedy this anxiety-inducing phenomenon is to take a long-term look at your calendar, trying to line up consistent client work well ahead of time. For example, you may be able to lock down your busy holiday schedule during your summer lull.

Channel Creativity Elsewhere

You can only stare at plans for track lighting or leather upholstery for so long before it starts to become a creativity blocker. While devoting yourself to your work is admirable, you need other creative outlets so you don’t become unhealthily single-minded. Consider picking up a productive hobby or two so you can reset mentally, enjoy the nature of hands-on activities and step away from the blueprints for hours each week.

Safeguard Your Finances

Just like you need to draft crystal-clear client contracts (with the help of an attorney) before agreeing to any work, you need professional liability insurance to protect your company if any conflicts arise. The truth is, sole proprietors and SMBs are often one lawsuit away from closing their doors for good. You’ll rest easier knowing you have business insurance for interior designers on your side—this likely also includes a Business Owners Policy (BOP) which bundles general liability coverage with property/business interruption protection.

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