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Steps To Get Renters Insurance

Many people make lots of excuses for why they don't have renters insurance. By believing in this fallacy, they're putting themselves at a large financial and emotional risk. Imagine coming home to an open door and ransacked apartment. Not only will you need the money to replace your broken and stolen belongings, you'll have to go it alone, without the help of an experienced insurer.

But you don't have to be living in denial. The first step to getting help is admitting you need it. So, remind yourself you really do need renters insurance to protect your home and well-being, then follow these steps to obtain it.

Estimate your coverage

Do a bit of math and estimate the value of your possessions. Don't overlook important things like your expensive but seldom-worn jewelry or all of the kitchen appliances you've accrued over the years. It can help to go room by room and make a written inventory of what you would need to replace. This document is also something good to keep safe in case there is an issue - you can look back at it and remember what was in the room and what you need to submit a claim for.

Also, if you have items that are particularly expensive, like an engagement ring, you need to know if your policy will have to handle that item specifically with additional coverage or an endorsement. Many policies have a cap on what they'll pay out for individual items, so big ticket property needs to be specifically addressed.

Consider your risks

What risks you face and will need covered can vary depending on where you live. Do you reside in an area where forest fires happen? Or a place that can become so cold pipes may freeze and burst? Think about risks particular to your location and have those in mind before you get quotes from multiple insurers.

Shop around

It's great to get referrals from friends and family about insurance agents in your area. However, the agent your mom likes may not offer you the best price. Instead, use CoverHound to get estimates on renters insurance before you contact a potential insurer.

Gather more precise quotes

Online price quotes are important to see which insurers are likely to give you the best deal. However, if you have special items or risks, you may need to get in touch with the companies and ask for a more detailed quotes based on your specific needs.

Once you've inventoried your home, assessed your risks and gotten numerous quotes, you can choose to work with an insurer that will provide you the most coverage at the best price. After that, put a copy of your renters insurance policy somewhere secure, such as a safety deposit box or small fire-proof safe. Then, you can sleep a little easier at night knowing that if you come home to a break in, you have someone to call for help.

At CoverHound, we know that your time and money is precious. That’s why we’ve made finding insurance quotes easy. [Check us out today]( to learn more about ways to save.

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