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Spring Driving Safety tips

As the snow starts to melt and temperatures begin to rise, you may want to shake off those winter cobwebs by going for a drive. Venturing out with your car to run a few errands or just taking a relaxing trip can be fun in prime conditions, but you should be careful because chances are the roads will have some aftereffects from the harsh winter conditions. By not paying attention to the road, you can cause damage to your automobile and yourself. Even with car insurance, you should still keep your eye out for any hazardous conditions. Here are a few safety tips to consider when going for a spring ride:

Wear and tear

The roads may have taken a beating from the unrelenting winter. Snow, sand, ice and salt can make roads brittle, which can create pot holes. Going for a joyride and hitting the pedal to the metal may seem like fun, but if you hit a pot hole at a high speed, you could cause some serious damage to your car. Do your best to look out for these dangers and avoid pot holes if possible.

Check your engine

During the winter you could have used your car to get around more than other seasons. This may have caused you to use up a good portion of your car's battery. With a depleted battery, the rest of your car can have some trouble working. To ensure that your car will not break down in the middle of the road, take it in and see if you need to upgrade anything. This is also a good time to get the rest of your car checked out, including your oil and any other engine components.

Wiper blades

With a barrage of snow, your wiper blades may have been on full blast. You could be in the same situation during the spring, as the season is known for misty conditions. Inspect the state of your wiper blades and see if you need to get new ones. Chances are, the snow and ice did a number on them, so it would best to install a new pair. Spring showers can cause roads to be slippery and impair your vision while driving. With malfunctioning blades, you could risk getting into an accident.

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