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Should You Join A Motorcycle Club?

As a motorcycle rider, you’ve probably thought about joining your local motorcycle club, but have had some reservations. You’re not quite sure what being part of a club entails, and you’re worried you might somehow inadvertently sign up for a motorcycle gang; something you REALLY don’t want to do.

A big draw of being part of a motorcycle club for a lot of riders isn’t just for the camaraderie and being part of a group, it’s the discount on motorcycle insurance that members receive. Are you teeter-tottering on getting a membership with your local chapter?

Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of joining a motorcycle club.

The Pros of Membership

It feels good to belong to something bigger than yourself; a movement that challenges you and gets you engaged with the community. This is one of the benefits of being in a motorcycle club.

− Members like being part of a brotherhood. They have loyal friends they can rely on to help them in their hour of need, and partners who can take off at a moment’s notice and enjoy a good ride.

− Another fine deliverable is learning to be a better rider. Whether you’re already well accustomed to the curves ahead or are still learning how to balance properly at a stop light, members of your squad will help you to navigate those hurdles. You could learn that you ride better on a vintage wide touring seat than a profiler seat, forever changing how you ride after that.

− It can be a little lonely going out for a ride on your own. In a car, you can easily listen to music and fade into the flow of traffic—it’s not as easy on a bike. Riding down the highway with your pack, lane splitting through the slowing traffic and ending the ride with a cool drink. Could there be anything better?

− Insurance premium discounts! That’s right—if you’re the member of a reputable motorcycle club, you qualify for a motorcycle insurance discount.

The Cons of Membership

But there’s a reason you haven’t joined a motorcycle club yet, something nagging you at the back of your mind. You’re worried that if you join a motorcycle club, your credibility as a person might somehow be compromised.

− Unfortunately, a stigma still exists about motorcycle clubs thanks to criminal groups like the Hells Angels and The Bandidos. When people see a group of riders clad in their leather gear, their hogs loud and (seemingly) menacing, it’s assumed the group is up to no good. Not all motorcycle clubs are a front for criminality. Before signing up, do some research on your local chapter and learn about how they support your community.

− Rivalries between motorcycle clubs are very intense, with some riders taking the rivalry to an unhealthy extreme. Check to see if the motorcycle club you’re looking to register with has had any run-ins with other clubs or affiliates. If they have, you might want to re-think your membership.

As with all things in life, there’s the good and the bad. Registering for membership with a motorcycle club can have positive effects on your life, just make sure it’s positive for everyone.

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