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Same-sex Couples And Car Insurance

The car insurance industry is generally open to all kinds of multi-driver policies. You can get a policy with your wife, your husband, your same-sex partner, your brother -- even your friends.

The car insurance world is extremely competitive and carriers will be more than accommodating in their efforts to attract new customers. A further benefit to the consumer is that group car insurance policies are cheaper than individual rates, sometimes up to 35% less expensive than a personal policy.

It’s a pooled solution, and insurance companies like those.

You can even enter into a car insurance policy with a group of several friends. But while this may seem attractive at first from a savings standpoint, it is ultimately not advisable because you’ll be taking on a much greater amount of risk. More specifically, the more people you have in your insurance group the more opportunities for an accident. And as we all know, accidents mean significant hikes in insurance premiums.

If you’re in a same-sex relationship it’s best to first check in with your state’s automobile insurance requirements here. Once you know your state’s nominal distinctions, then you should approach the insurance carriers for a group policy under that title. Many large carriers offer discounts to same-sex couples. Most offer marriage discounts.

So, in the final analysis, multi-driver car insurance policies are a viable option for many couples and groups. We advise that you keep your circle small, though, in order to mitigate the risk of accidents and subsequent rate increases.

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