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Safety Equipment Can Get You An Auto Insurance Discount

If your car is equipped with one or more safety features, then you are eligible for auto insurance discounts through your provider. By improving the safety equipment on your car, you are actually improving overall driver safety. Insurance companies consider this a benefit because you have demonstrated that you are placing an emphasis on safety - which makes you cheaper to insure.

Safety equipment makes driving easier and safer for not only you, but others on the road as well. Here are six safety features that are typically accompanied by a discount:


Newer cars are now commonly built with cameras on the rear-view or side mirrors. This gives you a more complete picture of what is behind or beside you than just having simple rear or side mirrors. It will also cut down on the need to physically turn your head and look for potential hazards.


Though airbags are now industry standards, having more than one airbag can garner you a safety discount. Rather than the traditional driver-only airbag, some cars contain passenger-side airbags and even side airbags. Since not all crashes occur head-on, side-impact airbags are necessary in the event of an accident.

Stability control
With a small computer built into your car, sensors react to real-time driving conditions and communicate responses to your control system. For instance, stability control can help prevent your car from spinning out. This is particularly helpful on wet or icy roads because drivers can easily skid into other lanes or lose total control of their car.

Blind-spot detection

If there is an object in your blind spot, then some systems will beep or light up on your dashboard. Sensors are able to detect a physical presence in areas that are outside of your normal range of vision. This is useful when changing lanes or parking.

Accident alert

Your car could be hooked up to a larger network of call centers that are alerted if you get into an accident. Devices installed inside your car can detect if you've been hit or have lost control of your vehicle, whereby a signal will be sent out to emergency responders. In extreme cases you might not be physically able to make a call for help if you are badly injured. Similar systems are designed to unlock your doors and turn your car off when the airbags are deployed. This will lessen the chance that you would be trapped inside your vehicle after a crash.

Anti-lock brakes

By making your driving more stable, anti-lock brakes can help increase traction with the road and stopping time. In some cars, if you slam on the brakes, they will lock up. With anti-lock brakes, you are able to continue slowing down to a safe speed while still maintaining direct control of your vehicle. Similar to stability control, this system prevents skidding.

Most insurance companies are required to offer some sort of safety discount depending on which state you live in. Check with your insurance provider to see which discounts you can apply for.

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