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Safe Driving Tips For The Holidays

'Tis the seasons to be jolly - and not get in a car accident. Unfortunately, for hundreds of Americans, the holiday season will bring in more accidents. To stay secure this season and keep your auto insurance premium from rising, follow a few of these safe-driving tips:

Don't drive under the influence

While holiday parties and family occasions are to be celebrated, getting on the road after having a few drinks is a big no-no. The thanksgiving holiday has more citations for drunk driving than any other holiday. To avoid getting pulled over or being involved in an accident from driving under the influence, don't combine substances and vehicles. Instead, consider taking a cab or designating a sober driver.

Buckle up

Most states require all passengers to wear seat belts at all times, and there's a reason for it - wearing your seat belt could save your life in the event of an accident.

Slow down in bad weather

The holidays can be a bright spot during the harsh winter months, but foul weather can make driving more dangerous. Slowing down when there's snow or ice on the road can give you better control of a vehicle. It is particularly important to be extra careful driving in rain or snow when it first falls. The oils from the road can mix with the first splashes of rainwater and create a slick road.

Avoid distractions

Almost half of all traffic accidents are caused by distracted driving. Whether it's from a cellphone, texting, the radio or other passengers, distracted drivers are more dangerous and likely to get into an accident. To prevent distracted driving, eliminate anything that might make you less focused on the road. Instead of keeping your cellphone near you, leave it in the backseat or the trunk so you aren't tempted to check it while driving. If you are feeling extremely tired, don't drive, as fatigue can also increase your risk of getting injured in an accident.

Vehicle maintenance

During the winter, cars may need more attention to continue running properly. Therefore, it is important to continue to maintain your car by checking simple things like fluids and oil. Tire traction should also be considered if you live in an area that typically sees a lot of snow in the winter. You might need to get new tires to stay safe on the road.

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