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Protecting Yourself From The Weather When Riding A Motorcycle This Summer

Safety should be your No. 1 priority when you are out riding your hog this summer. Having motorcycle insurance can financially assist you if you get into an accident, but as you are riding, a sturdy helmet, leather jacket and gloves can be the best way to prevent any serious injuries. Even though you will look sharp in this attire, you can start to get a little hot. In the blistering sun, a leather jacket may not be the most comfortable piece of clothing to wear, but you don't want to sacrifice your safety to avoid sweating. There are other problems besides sweating you could endure while riding your motorcycle during the summer. Here are a few tips to help to protect yourself from the sun this summer:

Stay covered

Some riders may think that wearing the bare minimum on a ride can help keep them cool, but this can lead to sunstroke. If you suffer from this or start to feel dizzy from dehydration, pull over immediately, refuel yourself and take it easy for a bit.

The best way to avoid feeling the harsh effects of the sun is by covering up. Keep your head, face, shoulders and legs covered so as not to absorb too much sunlight. You may think that riding with less clothes will help keep you cool, but if you are on your hog every single day and are barely wearing anything, you could be doing long-term damage to your body, not to mention you could get a pesky farmers tan.

Wear the proper clothes

You can still cover your entire body while keeping your body temperature down. There are a number of pieces of clothing you can wear to prevent sweating:

As you are blazing down the road, keep hydrated at all times. If your ride doesn't come equipped with a cup holder, stop frequently at rest stops or invest in a hydration bag you can wear like a backpack.

Keep cool when off the bike

After you have reached your destination or are taking a much-needed break, relax under some shade. While there, apply plenty of sunscreen to any exposed skin, rehydrate with water and block out the sun by wearing a hat with a full brim.

Wash your clothes

After a long day, chances are your clothes will be soaked, so it is best to wash them after your ride is over. This is important because you need these articles of clothing to last for awhile. Plus, you don't want to be wearing sweat-soaked clothing on your next ride. You can run moisture-wicking clothes through the washing machine. Your leather jacket doesn't need to be cleaned as often as your T-shirts, but you can gently wipe a wet cloth with soap over the jacket and pat it dry afterwards.

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