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No Longer a Spring Chicken: Maintaining Your Aging Home Over Time

Unless your home was brand new when you bought it, you may be looking at repair or renovation projects after just a few years of homeownership. And let’s face it, nothing puts an end to the honeymoon phase quicker than a leaking roof, burst pipe or broken furnace!

Buying a home generally means you’re in it for the long haul, for better or for worse. A study from the Wall Street Journal found that "the cost of keeping a typical home up to current standards for 30 years is almost four times the purchase price."

But you’ll also enjoy the safety, security and coziness that comes with having a space that’s up-to-date and all your own. The bright side to updating and maintaining your home well over time is that when you compare homeowners insurance quotes , you may earn discounts on your premium.

Plus, you’ll lessen the likelihood of an expensive disaster that threatens your sanctuary and your pocketbook. Here are some guidelines for maintaining important systems in your home over time.


A house is, at its most basic, a roof over your head. Without a strong roof to keep out the elements, you might as well be sleeping out under the stars.

Roof maintenance depends on the materials used. Wondering how often you should replace your roof? Here are a few rules of thumb:


It’s easy to forget that an elaborate system of pipes is hard at work behind your walls. But this is one system you don’t want to miss when you’re making your home maintenance rounds. Water damage is the second-most filed insurance claim in the U.S., and a crack just 1/8 of an inch can unleash 250 gallons of water per day into your walls and living space.

Just like roofing, it’s important to know your plumbing materials. Homeowners with historical houses will want to be extra vigilant. House Logic offers these maintenance guidelines:

Heating and Cooling

After 15 years or so, your furnace may be a little rough around the edges. Your cooling equipment may have seen better days since it was installed a decade ago. Replacing your heating and cooling systems with a modern, ENERGY STAR-rated system can save you up to 20 percent on energy costs.

A tell-tale sign that you need new temperature control in your home is frequent breakdowns, inconsistent heating throughout your home or a lack of a programmable thermostat. It’s less of a luxury and more of a necessity; you don’t want to be stuck without heat during mid-winter or without AC during the dog days of summer.

The key to owning an aging home is to be honest when it needs a repair or upgrade. By putting off maintenance, you’re likely headed for big problems down the line. These tips can help you keep your home in tip-top shape over time.

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