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Moving Mistakes To Avoid

Of all the major stresses in life, it has been agreed upon that moving is in the top three. In the mess of moving, you will be much better off by taking a few precautions to avoid disaster.

Not planning ahead

For some things in life, like ordering off a menu or choosing a ringtone, you don't need to come to the table with a fully formed plan in your head. In these instances, winging it will usually end up being just fine. Moving to a new home is not such an instance. In fact, moving should be planned well ahead of time if possible, as one of the biggest mistakes you can make is winging it.

If you're moving far away, travel arrangements need to be made in advance, as you won't be able to find movers the day of or the night before you need to leave. Not to mention, it will be just about impossible to pack up all your belongings and move them in one go. Seriously, you'd have a better chance of getting a ride to the space station than winging it on moving day.


Like planning, scheduling is everything. More families tend to move in the spring and summer before school starts, so it might be hard to find movers if you don't schedule them well in advance. Be sure to have scheduled enough time to move everything, and to be safe, overestimate how long it will take.

Taking everything

Moving offers a fantastic opportunity to clear out the old and start off with a new, clean slate. Owning a new house can be a prideful and exciting time in a person's life that shouldn't be bogged down by having too much junk. To start your new journey with no extra baggage, use packing as a chance to get rid of or donate things that you don't need or don't use. If you don't cut the junk, not only will you end up with more clutter in your new space, but it could also cost you a lot more time and money to move items that you might end up tossing out anyway.

Not adjusting insurance

For homeowners, having insurance provides you with peace of mind and protection over your most valuable and expensive asset. When you move, it is essential that you transfer your insurance with you. Some policies will cover your belongings wherever they are, whether at home or in a moving truck. If they don't, it is important to find some way to cover your items if they become lost or damaged. In addition to your belongings, having homeowners insurance on your new house should be a priority.

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