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Moving checklist

Of all of life's major stresses, it is common knowledge that moving ranks among the top three. However, there can be some excitement in moving to a new place. As a big change, moving shouldn't be such a downer. To make it smoother, follow this moving checklist and you just might get in your new home problem-free.

Make a list

Before you even wrap a dish in newspaper, grab a pen and a piece of paper. You will want to keep a record of the items you own and the boxes they will go in. Not only will this exercise help you get organized, but it will also act as a convenient way to keep track of your belongings. If a box were to get lost along the move, you would know exactly what it contained.

Buy enough supplies

If you will be doing most of your packing yourself, make it easier by starting off with the right number of supplies. From boxes to padding and tape, there are several supplies you will need in order to pack up and move. Plus, there are usually last minute things such as bedding that need to be packed up when you are moving. Think ahead for these types of possessions.

Make a plan

If you plan on hiring movers, it is important to book them early. Of course, that requires you to set a move-in date. If you're a renter, that date is easy. However, homeowners may need to make a decision about their move-in day and hire movers well in advance. During the spring and summer months, many more people purchase a home, meaning that it could be tough to find movers last minute during those months. Booking ahead will ensure that you aren't left on your own when it's time to move. If you plan to move yourself, be sure to know what you are getting into and don't underestimate how long it will take. It's important to have a plan that has considered extra time and effort.

Get insurance

A big mistake that movers make is not switching over their insurance from their old home to the new one. Whether you rent or own a home, getting homeowners insurance or renters insurance is an essential part of the moving process. In some cases, boxes and personal items may be covered under moving policies.

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