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Motorcycle Theft Prevention Tips

There are many attractive things about motorcycles that make people want to buy them and ride on the open road. However, the cool factor and value of motorcycles can also attract thieves to steal them right off the street. Motorcycle theft is more common than you might think, and can have a significant impact on motorcycle insurance rates.

While stealing a motorcycle is not exactly easy to do, there are some ways that riders make it easier for their bike to get stolen. Here are some simple tips to prevent motorcycle theft:

  • Lock your ignition: Most riders pull out the key when they turn off the ignition, but not everyone locks it. An unlocked ignition gives thieves more of an opportunity to start the bike and drive away. Whenever you leave your motorcycle, be sure to turn the ignition to its locked position.

  • Keep it indoors: When something isn't visible, fewer people may know that it is there. This is true for your motorcycle. While you might feel a sense of pride with your bike, keeping it inside your garage or shed will provide better protection from thieves looking for a ride to steal. Additionally, some thieves don't plan out a theft, but instead will take advantage of an opportunity. You can reduce the chances of someone coming across your bike and deciding to steal it by keeping it out of view. If you can't bring your motorcycle into a garage, using a cover will be better than leaving it out in the open. Out of sight, out of mind.

  • Keep your keys hidden: On occasion, motorcycles are taken from garages, sheds and indoor parking lots. If a thief breaks into your garage, you don't want to make it easy for someone by keeping your keys in an obvious spot near your bike. Instead, keep your keys away from your bike. Thieves who have made it inside your garage already likely have an arsenal of tools to steal your bike, so why make it simpler?

  • Steering lock: If someone tries to steal your bike, a steering lock will ensure they don't get very far. Motorcycles have utilized steering lock systems for many years and will give a thief one more obstacle when taking your property. While it is possible to override a steering lock, it will give you one more layer of protection if you remember to lock it before walking away.

  • Audible alarm: Just like cars, motorcycles can come equipped with audible alarms that can deter a thief from trying to steal your bike. Alarms are designed to bring attention to someone trying to steal something, and they are often very successful at catching thieves and deterring them from a successful theft.

  • Tracking device: While most motorcycles won't come with a tracking device, you can get one issued for your personal bike. If someone takes it, you will be able to see the whereabouts of your bike and alert the authorities.
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