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Motorcycle safety tips

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there are more than 4 million registered motorcycle riders in the U.S. As a popular - and cool - way to get around, motorcycles have created their own iconic culture in America. Unfortunately, motorcycles pose dangers that other types of vehicles don't present on the road. If you're a motorcycle lover who loves to cruise, just remember that safety is more important than looking fly. Here are a few safety tips to travel in style while still remaining out of harm's way:

Remain visible

One of the biggest issues that other motorists have with motorcycle riders is that they are often hard to see on the road. On this smaller vehicle, it is less likely that cars will be able to spot you if you are riding in their blind spot. To avoid this and reduce your risk of getting into an accident or sustaining an injury, stay visible at all times and avoid riding into a car's blind spot. You should also anticipate what you think drivers may do. Motorcycle riders need to be more cautious than other drivers and practice defensive driving. For example, a person pulling out of their driveway might not see you, but you can avoid an accident by anticipating that they will not stop for you.

Eye and clothing protection

As a rider, you are more exposed to the elements, and a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts might say they enjoy this. However, this leaves riders more vulnerable to weather and obstacles in the road. To protect yourself, use a helmet while riding as well as thick protective clothing. Wearing protective gear will decrease the risk of serious injury in the case of an accident. It is also crucial that helmets are the right size and are fitted properly. It won't help much if it falls off.


For motorcycles, rain and snow can be extremely hazardous and cause your vehicle to slip. It is best to avoid going out for a ride under bad weather conditions, and riders should be very cautious when in the rain.

On the road

When you're out riding with other drivers, it is best to practice safe driving such as not weaving through traffic and using your signals. While these might seem like obvious tasks, many cyclists frequently abuse their bikes' limits by going too fast or not obeying traffic laws. This is one of the biggest ways that riders get involved in crashes.

Safety course

To save money on your motorcycle insurance, a lot of companies will offer policy discounts for riders who take a safety class. Of course, saving money is not the only advantage, as learning how to be safer on the roads is beneficial in many ways and riding is a skill that can be taught. Taking a course may also reduce your risk of getting into an accident. Depending on where you live and your insurance company, you may be able to get a percentage off your monthly premium or a flat rate deducted.

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