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Mobile Apps To Help You Run Your Home

With smartphones rivaling the technological capabilities of small computers, you can just about do anything with your phone these days. From balancing your checkbook to ordering groceries online, your mobile device may be your lifeblood. But with being able to tackle your daily chores, you probably want your phone to help you run your home a bit more efficiently.

With the ability to control the appliances of your home with your phone, you may never have to leave your bed. Although this is a dream situation, using your phone to help control your home will only assist you in making your life easier. Here are a few smartphone apps to aid you in running your home:

Controlling your thermostat

Your thermostat can be a great tool to help lower your energy bills. Forgetting to set your thermostat before you leave for work can result in your heat and air conditioning running all day, which can send your bill through the roof. One app that can assist you in changing the temperature in your house is Nest. This application, when hooked up with a Wi-Fi connection, will allow you to set your property to the right temperature.

Safeguarding your home

Keeping your loved ones safe should be a number one priority for yourself. Even if you have homeowners insurance to help you cover the losses and damage that occurs to your property after a burglary, you should still play it on the safe side. There are many security and video systems you can install that will ensure the safety of your family and will not cost you too much. But when you are away from home, you may not have the luxury of checking out surveillance video or know if a break-in has occurred. Lockitron is an app that you can download that will help keep your home safe. This app allows you to unlock and lock your home with a quick swipe of your phone. This application can give you peace of mind knowing that you and your family are the only ones that will have access to your home.

Feeding a pet

Taking care of man's best friend or a friendly feline is a full-time job. You may love these little critters, but as you get busy with work or other responsibilities you may forget to feed them. But there are several apps available for you to feed your animal. Pintofeed is one of those applications that can allow you to feed your pet as long as you have one of their feeders. This can provide a great luxury if you are on the go and forget your daily feeding appointment.

Turning on your coffee pot

When you wake up first thing in the morning, chances are you may be a little groggy. But the smell of a fresh cup of Joe may be the best thing to perk you up. Scanomat is an app you can use to turn on your coffee pot. With your beverage ready to go, you can shake off those morning blues.

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