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Kia Tops List Of Automakers In Latest New-vehicle Quality Study

BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Ford, Audi, Toyota, Kia—there are a lot of motor vehicle brands on the car lot to choose from. Whether we’re looking for a luxury or compact vehicle, there is no want for selection. But buying a new vehicle does require some familiarity with the make. Knowing the safety ratings, the crash ratings and the car’s quality rating are significant components in making the purchase. How do insurance agencies rate the vehicle? Will your car insurance premiums rise with the purchase of this new car? To get good deal on the car and the insurance, maybe give a thought to Kia.

Vehicle Ratings Are Important. Here’s Why:

Every year for the last 30 years, J.D. Power has assessed vehicle performance in their first 90 days of use in their New-Vehicle Study survey. J.D. Power gathers this information by determining the amount of problems a new vehicle owner experiences with their car per 100 vehicles. As in golf, the lower the J.D. Power rating, the better the vehicle score.

For the very first time in nearly three decades, the non-premium (non-luxury) brand Kia took home the No.1 honor spot in the J.D. Power New-Vehicle Quality Study. Kia owners were less likely to experience braking issues, engine trouble or other mechanical issues than other vehicle makes. Usually, the J.D. Power list is topped by the performance of a luxury vehicle, but not this year.

So, how does a good vehicle quality rating affect your insurance?

Quality and Insurance

As a practicing, law-abiding motorist, you already know that your monthly insurance premium is based on five factors: your gender, age, driving history, credit history and the make, model and year of your car. While you can’t help what age our gender you are (teenage males have the highest insurance premiums) you do have control over your driving, credit and the car you drive, for the most part, at least.

In practicing good driving, such as obeying the speed limit, road signs and other traffic laws, you will be rewarded by your insurance agency through a lowered premium because you have not incurred any traffic violations. Paying your bills on time (this includes your electricity, mortgage and loans) shows your insurance company that you take your financial obligations seriously, and that you will not stiff the bill. As result, your insurance premiums will be lowered even further. To top it all off, the higher the safety and performance rating of your vehicle, the lower your insurance premiums will be too.

Insurance agencies work to recognize the responsible efforts their clients take in life. Driving a well-rated vehicle, paying your bills on time and having a clean driving record with only one or two traffic citations (though try to make it zero) greatly increases your chances of a lowered monthly premium.

Just when we thought owning a luxury vehicle was the goal, we learn that driving a non-premium car is even better. Find affordable car insurance with CoverHound today.

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