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Keep Your Motorcycle Safe

When you're out for a joyride on your motorcycle, make sure you wear the proper apparel and have a plan in case your bike is stolen. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that there were 46,061 motorcycles reported stolen in 2012, a 1 percent decline from 2011. This may help ease your anxiety about getting your bike taken, but you should still do your part to deter theft. Here are a few tips to protect your motorcycle:

Keep your ride secluded

Showing off your motorcycle is one of the perks of having this vehicle. I mean what is cooler than adding on a bunch of cool features like a new paint job or a new engine. But if you're not wise with where you park it, you may be advertising it for thieves. Your front yard or outside of a restaurant you're visiting are opportune places for thieves to check it out and later steal it. Try leaving it in a more hidden area that does not have a lot of foot traffic. It may also help to put a motorcycle tarp over it.

After you are done riding for the day, put your bike in your garage or a locked shed. This way, you'll be the only one with access to it.

Have as many locks as possible

Never underestimate a trusty lock. They can be lifesavers for keeping your bike safe. Steering locks are fine to use, but if you want to make sure that thieves can't easily roll away with your vehicle, consider investing in other options as well. A disc lock can be a great option, as it secures your front wheel into place. Don't count out chain locks that you can fasten to a bike post or a designated area. The more locks you have, the better protected your ride will be. But be sure to park your bike in a legal spot, or police could cut the locks and impound it. The last thing you need is to pay an expensive fine in order to get your bike out of the impound lot.

Keep your bike information with you

In the event of a theft, call the police and your insurance company immediately and have your bike's information - including your bike registration and motorcycle insurance card - with you. This will make filing a motorcycle insurance claim easier.

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