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Interesting Things Your Homeowners Insurance Covers

If a fallen tree damages your roof during a storm or someone breaks into your house while you're on vacation, you probably expect your homeowners insurance to cover it. While that's true, you may not know some of these other incidences that your insurance covers:

Spoiled food

Though this doesn't cover those bananas that have been steadily getting blacker on your countertop, homeowners insurance can cover some spoiled food in certain situations. Specifically, if your home loses power long enough to cause your refrigerated foods to go bad. So if you find your ice cream has melted all over your freezer after a particularly long blackout, give your insurance company a call. Most policies will cover a loss of up to $500 worth of food after a power outage.

Your kids' belongings while at college

homeowners insurance doesn't just cover the property currently in your house. If your son or daughter goes away to college, their belongings will still be covered. However, there usually is a caveat to this: Generally, your child has to be living in a college-owned property, like a dorm or other student housing, to qualify.

Garden damage

There are plenty of gardening enthusiasts who take better care of their gardens than most of us do our own children. Those people can rest easy knowing their precious flowers and shrubs are covered. Because of the time and expense that can go into tending a garden, it is protected under many homeowners insurance plans. So, if you step out to your garden and find it has been damaged, ring up your insurance provider, because you may be compensated.

Missing luggage

If someone has a travel horror story, it's a safe bet that their luggage was lost by the airlines at some point. Arriving in Florida to find that your luggage is somewhere in the vicinity of Saskatchewan is not a great way to start your trip. While your insurance company can't make your bags reappear before your eyes, they can help out by refunding much of the worth of your belongings.


Though it's a bit grim, if you purchased the cemetery plot where your loved one was buried, their tombstone or grave marker is considered your property. As such, it is covered under your homeowners insurance if any damage is sustained. Usually, your insurance company will pay for repairs up to $5,000.

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