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Insuring The Ultimate "Mom Car"

Perhaps you've heard that some of the latest innovation in new car models has come in the form of a minivan. As the very first car to be outfitted with a vacuum cleaner, some are calling the new Honda Odyssey the ultimate "mom car." While not the most exciting innovation ever, the added technology is a no-brainer. An extremely family-friendly vehicle, the Honda Odyssey has an onboard bagless vacuum perfectly designed to scoop up fallen Cheerios and help parents keep the car clean.

Named after Homer's epic poem, the Odyssey is meant to be a great traveler with superior safety and helpful features. The 2013 model was a top safety pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. With all that it offers, getting auto insurance on the Honda Odyssey depends on its safety rating, theft rates, damage susceptibility and replacement costs.

Safety ratings

As rated by the IIHS, the minivan received top scores in all categories, making it one of the safest options out there. As a car marketed toward families, this safety achievement is essential.

Theft rates

The Honda Odyssey has a pretty low theft rating, according to the IIHS. There might be one explanation for this: It's a minivan. While being extremely efficient and great for families, minivans aren't typically what thieves are looking for. Let's face it, minivans are not sexy. In any case, a low theft rating is good news for getting auto insurance, because it is less likely you will be robbed and file a claim. Insurance companies will probably view this car as being less at risk and therefore will may charge less on a monthly premium.

Damage susceptibility

As a top safety pick by the IIHS, the Honda Odyssey received the highest scores when it came to structure and roof strength. The risk of injury was low in the case of a front-end impact, meaning it is less likely to be in a serious accident. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the Honda Odyssey is below the average number of claims in its class, making it cheaper to insure.

Replacement costs

Originally from Japan, the Honda Odyssey has since been adapted for the American consumer. With its popularity and widespread consumer base, replacement parts are not hard to find and are likely no more costly than other types of minivans.

To learn more about the Honda Odyssey safety ratings, visit the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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