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Illinois Is Planning On Offering Additional Motorcycle Licenses

Under motorcycle classification rules in Illinois, riders usually do their tests on smaller bikes. The state is considering changing this rule because so many people are buying bigger models, according to The Chicago Tribune.

Drivers may not be aware that riding a bigger bike is completely different than riding the smaller ones used for testing. Riders could be seriously injured if they don't take the proper precautions with larger models. This is why it's important for riders to make sure they have motorcycle insurance to financially assist them if their bike is damaged in an accident. Scott Mochinski, a safety class administrator, told the Tribune that bikes seem to be growing in size every year.

"Motorcycles keep getting bigger," Mochinski said. "They're higher-risk, much heavier and more powerful. If you've never ridden and you're bringing in a big heavy motorcycle, it's very difficult."

Illinois currently offers licenses for two types of motorcycle classes: one for bikes with engine displacement of less than 150 cubic centimeters, and the other is for all other sizes, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. Most bikes used for the safety course are between 200 and 250 cubic centimeters. The rationale is that the smaller bikes are easier to maneuver and will help riders pass their tests. Mochinski said the state offers classes that let the rider try bigger bikes, but they usually skip it.

IDOT is considering adding a third category for bigger bikes, most likely starting at 600 cubic centimeters. David Druker, spokesman for the Illinois secretary of state, told the Tribune that Illinois is in the discussion phase of this decision, but lawmakers could reach a conclusion soon.

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