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How To Make Your New House A Home

One of the best parts about buying a new house is filling it with memories and treasures. Each room is a blank canvas just waiting to be splashed with vibrant colors and exciting textures. Knowing this new house is going to be your home for at least the next 10-30 years, you want to make every little décor piece count. There is no room for knick-knacks, and “shabby chic” is a term made up by individuals who think they know how to decorate, but really don’t. All you need to make the finishing touch is the best homeowners insurance on the market, found for you through CoverHound’s easy-to-use insurance-comparison platform.

Getting it Together
Decorating a new space can be a little scary. You’re not quite sure what colors or textures to go with, and a sofa is an investment, not a last-minute purchase at IKEA. You finally have the good job and the budget to really make something nice out of your home, you’re just not sure what direction to go in.

Here is a quick checklist of items that every house needs to make it a place of comfort and good taste:

− Good lighting

− Comfortable seating

− Statement piece(s)

It’s a fairly short list, but nonetheless an important one. Think for a minute about the houses you have disliked in the past; what were some of the issues? Was the sofa lumpy, the carpet stained or the lighting poor? Maybe it was a mixture of all three. Whatever the issues were, you haven’t forgotten them, and you don’t want to be caught having the same decorating snafus in your home.

The Lighting
Every home needs rooms featuring layered lighting. In layering ambient, task and accent lighting using chandeliers, pendant lights, floor lamps or table lamps, you are creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home with enough light to read by, sleep be and just “be” by.

The Furniture
As was highlighted earlier, furniture is an investment. You pay for what get, and if you go for a $200 loveseat, chances are you are going to be paying hundreds more for repairs and re-upholstery. If you’re just going to be spending thousands of dollar later to make up for a mistake you can prevent now, why now get the sofa, coffee table and bookcase you fell in love with, even if it costs more than you immediately want to spend? As long as you stay within your budget, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The Art
If you want to have a fabulous space, you need to have fabulous art. The artwork (be it a sculpture, painting or even the chandelier) serves as a statement piece for each room, sub-consciously telling you where the anchor point of the space is and lending balance to the room.

For Your Protection
The last thing you’ll want to happen is to lose your collection in a natural disaster, fire or home burglary, but this can happen. What’ll happen to you and your family if you don’t have homeowners insurance and something unexpected happens? You’ll have to pay for everything out of pocket, and not everyone has the funds to replace hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. Homeowners insurance covers the structure of your home and all that is within it, giving you back what was lost.

Homeowners insurance is for you and your family’s protection. Find the best homeowners insurance packages with CoverHound today.

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