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How To Get Homeowners Insurance In 5 Easy Steps

Now that you’re a proud homeowner, it’s time to get insurance. Fear not, getting homeowners insurance is not as scary or as hard as some of your friends have probably made it sound. If you’re wondering [how to get homeowners insurance]( without having to jump through hoops or pay a huge premium, you’re in the right place.

May CoverHound present to you five easy steps to landing yourself a great homeowners insurance policy.

**Step 1: Know What You Need.**
You won’t want to pay a hefty insurance premium for coverage that you don’t need. U.S News and World Report [advises]( homeowners to look into the various levels of coverage. The most common levels of coverage are:

HO-2: General homeowners insurance policy that safeguards against 16 perils named in the coverage plan.

HO-3: General homeowners insurance policy that safeguards against perils minus those specifically omitted from the coverage plan.

HO-5: Premium homeowners insurance policy that protects recently erected housing structures and safeguards against perils minus those specifically omitted from the coverage plan.

HO-6: Homeowners insurance policy for condominiums and co-ops. Offers liability and personal property coverage.

HO-7: Serves the same general function as HO-3 but for mobile home dwellers.

HO-8: Premium homeowners insurance policy that protects older homes. Offers similar insurance protections as the HO-2 policy.

**Step 2: Compare Prices Online.**
If you want to get a fair deal on your homeowners insurance premium, use online price comparison tools like those offered at CoverHound. All you have to do is enter some general information about yourself and your dwelling and we will find you a sampling of competitively priced homeowners insurance packages.

**Step 3: Research the Company.**
After settling on a homeowners insurance package that looks to meet all of your needs, don’t sign on the dotted line just yet. To make sure the insurance company will deliver on its promise, Investopedia [advises]( that you will need to research the company’s business holdings and take a look at customer reviews. You will also want to check its financial ratings and stock trends. If the insurance company dips in and out of the negative frequently, they’ll most likely be quicker to deny your insurance claim as they might not have the finances to back you up in your hour of need.

**Step 4: Get That Discount!**
There are always discounts to be had when it comes to insurance. You can raise your deductible to get a lowered premium or you can ask your agent about applicable discounts. You can even do both. If you live in a [gated community](, have good credit and are a homeowner’s association member, you qualify for three discounts just right there!

**Step 5: Sign on the Dotted Line!**
After figuring out what type of coverage you needed and researching the insurance company you’re looking to sign with, it’s time to make your decision: will you sign or look elsewhere? There is no shortage of homeowners insurance plans when you compare with CoverHound. Upon finding the insurance plan that will work best for you, all that’s left is signing the contract.

Homeowners insurance is affordable and you can find a plan that’s reliable when you visit CoverHound for your [free homeowners insurance quote](

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