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How To File A Homeowners Insurance Claim

Do you know how to properly go about filling a homeowners insurance claim? When disaster strikes and you're left picking up the pieces, you will need to know how to navigate through insurance litigation and remember a few key points along the way:  

How to file a homeowners insurance claim
Life has its ups and downs, but when unfortunate events come knocking, your insurance is there to help. The key point to remember is that while it is your insurance provider's job to finance the restoration of  your home financially, it is your responsibility to provide substantial evidence of your loss, according to CNN Money. 

With this in mind, filing an insurance claim can be a daunting task in the midst of dealing with the aftermath of an accident. In cases of burglary or theft, the first steps will need to be taken immediately. Contact your local police department and obtain a copy of its official report on the accident. According to the Insurance Information Institute you'll also want to take down the names of any law enforcement officials directly involved in your incident's investigation. This information will give your insurance agency an unbiased record of your losses and of the event. Be sure to take your own photos of the scene and records of your losses as soon as possible. 

"For certain events and specific types of coverage, time may be of the essence. Call your agent as soon as possible."

Additionally, you will want to call your insurance agency soon after the incident. For certain events and specific types of coverage, time may be of the essence. Be sure to ask your insurance agent important questions about the timeline, what they need from you and the specifics of coverage. At this time, your insurance provider is required by law to send you claim forms. If you require assistance with them, CBS suggests considering hiring an independent public claims adjuster. Independent claims adjusters can help you navigate through loopholes and make sure you get as much fair, financial assistance as possible when the claim finally settles. 

Always remember that whether you're shopping for insurance, asking about a claim or filing one, insurance discrepancies will never be solved without first asking questions, according to The Simple Dollar. 

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