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Holiday Gifts For Car People

We all know someone who seems just a little too obsessed with their vehicle. Perhaps this person refers to it as their "baby." At any rate, when it comes to holiday shopping, car enthusiasts are easy to buy for. While you may not be able to help a friend save on their auto insurance, you can make them a safer driver with a few accessories. Check out a few of these gift ideas for people who love their cars more than anything:


In the case of an accident, a LifeHammer can come in handy. It is a hammer with pointy ends on both sides that will enable a person trapped inside a vehicle to break a window easily. For cars that may become submerged underwater, it can be a lifesaver. On the other end of the hammer is a knife that will quickly cut away seatbelts. For a holiday shopper, it's an inexpensive gift that will make the receiver safer in the event they need to get out of their car quickly and can't open the door.

Portable backup camera

Depending on your budget, this gift can help a driver see what's going on behind them when backing up. A portable backup camera can be mounted on the end of a car's hitch, which can make it super easy to attach a trailer or hookup to a vehicle without the help of another person. Of course, it could also work if you're not towing anything. Having a camera in the back could reduce the risks of hitting items and making your car insurance rate go up after filing a damage claim.

Tire pressure gauge

One of the simplest items that every car owner should have is a tire gauge. Having the correct amount of air in your tires is not only the safest way to drive, but it can also save you money on gas. Nowadays, there are inexpensive versions that will even speak the tire reading aloud. For someone who is really into their car, this little gadget can be a great utility gift. Gift-giving has become increasingly focused on usefulness rather than luxury over the past few years, so why not give something that will be utilized by a driver?

Cordless headset

More accidents are caused by distracted driving every year. You can reduce the risk of someone getting in an accident by giving them a cordless headset they can attach to their phone. A hands-free device is much safer than holding or texting on a cellphone while driving.

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