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Here's How Renters Can Reduce the Risk of Holiday Package Theft

Lacking Santa's access privileges, our loved ones are forced to rely on commercial delivery carriers to deliver holiday gifts. This often means packages sit on our doorsteps, which can be a delightful surprise when we arrive at home. However, it can also be a huge disappointment when we get a text message asking how we liked something we never got. Apartment living entails lots of foot traffic, and some people passing by your apartment have sticky fingers. The best renters insurance will cover you in the event of theft, but prevention is a better option. Here's how renters can reduce the risk of holiday package theft.

Track Packages

When you send a gift or order something online, include tracking so you can follow its journey and ensure arrival. Let the recipient know their package is on the way and give them the tracking number, too. This enables them to keep an eye out and take steps to secure your gift. Even if carriers can't give an exact delivery time, most people know the typical timeframe for their area. When someone is aware a package is coming, they can arrange to be home—or have a neighbor pick it up.

Employ Signature Services

Every competent delivery service offers the option of requiring a signature at delivery. It usually costs extra, but they only leave the package if they get a signature from someone in the residence. If the recipient isn't home, they'll leave a note directing them to a drop-off location where the package can be retrieved. This requires extra effort, but at least they'll get the fruitcake—so they can re-gift it next year.

Redirect Deliveries

UPS and FedEx have brick-and-mortar retail facilities in nearly every area. When you know a package is coming, you can request delivery to one of those locations, rather than your apartment. Amazon customers can also take advantage of lockers. If you're going to be out of town, you can ask the USPS to hold packages at the nearest Post Office location. Another USPS option is to get a Post Office box for your package deliveries. You'll have to make sure people know to mail it there and you'll pay a rental fee for the box. Be apprised, however, UPS and FedEx won't have access.

Have Packages Delivered to Work

If your workplace and transportation situations are conducive, have packages delivered to your job. (Assuming, of course, they'll be brought inside and left with a receptionist or security personnel.) This way, they'll be looked after until you collect them. All the major carriers typically serve business, industrial, and retail areas, so this can be a viable option.

Few things are more disappointing than learning a gift you gave, or were slated to receive, was pilfered. The tips above will help you thwart "Grinches" who would steal the joy from your holiday season.

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