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Here's How Cleaning Your Home Can Save You Money on Insurance

Think about how your home looked when you first moved in. The floors were gleaming, the corners were cobweb free and the appliances were much newer than they are now. Over time, it’s only natural for your house to exhibit signs of wear and tear; life gets busy and you run out of time to scour every nook and cranny.

But did you know that keeping your home clean, decluttered and hazard-free can help you get the best homeowners insurance? CoverHound has the scoop—and competitive policy quotes to help you find a plan that fits your home and your budget.

Reduces Risk of a Claim

Cleaning can reduce the risk that you’ll need to file a homeowners insurance claim, thus keeping your rates lower over time. But it’s not as simple as just doing those dirty dishes in your sink (although that may boost the room’s ambiance).

When was the last time you cleaned your dryer vent? How about the lint trap? U.S. fire departments responded to approximately 15,970 fires in a four-year period involving clothes dryers and washers. The fires involving dryers “usually started with the ignition of something being dried or was a byproduct (such as lint) of drying.” It’s up to you to clean both your lint screen and your dryer vent regularly to reduce the risk of a fire.

In the kitchen, you’ll want to clean your stove top and oven using safe, natural products (like a mix of vinegar, water and lemon juice) to reduce the risk of an accidental cooking fire.

Avoids Costly Policy Cancellation

Making your home your own involves filling it with your personal effects. But what happens when possessions cross the line into dangerous clutter? Well, if you have to file a claim (or even call emergency services), your provider could subsequently cancel your policy due to the conditions.

This was the case for one Washington, D.C. resident after paramedics visited her home and saw the living conditions—her insurance provider of 20 years dropped her because her home was not up to code. If your home contains increased trip-and-fall risks, biohazards, infestations, mold, fire risks or other dangers associated with hoarding, your insurance company may elect to end your policy or choose not to renew it. Not only will you face a coverage gap, but your homeowners insurance rates will likely be higher when you seek a new policy.

Helps You Keep an Up-to-Date Inventory

Deep cleaning and reorganizing your home can help you rediscover lost items, figure out what’s important and get rid of what isn’t. In the end, you’ll be able to create an accurate home inventory for insurance purposes. After all, the best home insurance has sufficient limits to cover the structure of your home and what’s inside it while still remaining within your budget.

Ready to roll up your sleeves and do some preventative cleaning? Don’t forget to investigate homeowners insurance options while you’re at it. CoverHound can help you find the best rates and best plan for your needs. Get your quote today!

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