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Group Discounts On Your Auto Insurance

Qualifying for special discounts is a great way to save money on your car insurance policy. Some common discounts that auto insurance carriers will offer include: good driver, multi-car, homeowner, e-signature, and pay-in-full. Increasingly, carriers are also beginning to offer group discounts. That’s right -- you can save money on your auto insurance for simply being a member of a certain group or association.

Here are some examples of groups you may be associated with that can qualify you for car insurance discounts:


If you are member of the military, active or retired, or a member of the National Guard or Reserves you may be entitled to a decent-sized car insurance discount. If you are a spouse to a military member you may also qualify.

Undergraduate/Graduate Alumni Organizations

Being a member of your alma mater’s alumni association can qualify you for a discount with many auto insurers. Similarly, you can qualify for being a member of a chartered fraternity or sorority. Some student organizations also qualify you, such as the National Association of Graduate and Professional Students.

Vocational Organizations

You may qualify for a car insurance discount if you are involved in an organization related to professional development in your field of expertise. Professional and trade organizations such as the American Medical Association and the National Society of Accountants can qualify you as well.

Credit Unions

Credit unions offer many advantages when it comes to your banking needs, but can also enable you to receive a discount from your car insurance provider.

Other Organizations

A few other organizations that can qualify you for discounts include American Mensa, Boat Owners Association of the United States, the National Geographic Society, and the National Peace Corps Association. If you are affiliated with any organization check whether or not they are part of a group or affiliation discount. Your employer may even qualify you for one, especially if you are a federal employee.

The above groups and associations are just a broad sampling of the types of organizations that may qualify you for car insurance discounts. Be sure to check with each provider if they offer a discount for your group when shopping for auto insurance..

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