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Furnishing Your Child's First Apartment

Moving into your child's first college apartment can be a laborious task. However, collecting and moving furniture isn't always the hardest part - preparing yourself for your child's first independent living situation can be even more difficult. To ease any worry you may have associated with the risks of renting an apartment in a college town, you may want to look into renters insurance for your child. Sometimes, college towns are less strict with building safety and landlords capitalize on the naivety of college students.

Though deciding whether you want to insure your child or not followed by choosing which insurance best fits your needs is quite a process on its own. Hopefully this list of must-have items for a college student apartment will make moving just a little bit easier.

Living room

It may be a good idea, according to My First Apartment's website, to bring wall hooks to hang coats and other items at the door. A welcome mat will add a homey touch and reduce the amount of dirt trekked around the apartment. Your child might want to look into an area rug for the living room to make the space more inviting and comfortable as their home away from home. Throw pillows for the couch or chairs and wall artwork are not necessary, but will help complete the look of the room.


Aside from a bed, bedding and box spring, you may want to consider other items such as a nightstand or an additional lamp depending on the existing lighting. Other items that help keep your space less cluttered include a hamper, trash can, hangers and curtains. Curtains can be an easily forgettable item that might make it easier for your child to sleep in their room the first night they move in, so make sure to buy these before you leave.


Oven mitts, spatulas, pots and pans, silverware, dishes, can openers, dish soap and sponges, dish towels, sharp knives and a trash can are vital for a college student's kitchen. These items most likely won't be too expensive or breakable, but they're important to have to make sure that your child has the tools to cook their own - hopefully healthy - meals. This checklist from Bed, Bath & Beyond can help narrow down what items your child wants to bring for the kitchen.


Other than a shower curtain, toiletries, trash cans and towel hooks, make sure your child has some extra towels in the event that guests stay over.


Remember to pack cleaning and laundry supplies, trash bags, a vacuum, extension cords, flashlights and basic tools so that your child will be able to fix quick problems that may arise when living on their own and clean up any messes.

Unpakt suggests buying as little furniture as possible for your apartment at first, because your child will have time to get things as they need them. Bringing some of these essentials, however, will get them started living on their own, and they will feel comfortable having most of what they need to start off in their apartment.

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