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From Supplements to Smoothies: Starting a Health Food Establishment

It's easier now than ever for consumers to stay informed. People are now "in the driver's seat" when it comes to choosing what they buy, wear, and eat. This helps explain why healthier modes of living—including healthier diets—are gaining traction.

If you're considering starting a health food establishment, make sure you have a great idea and, the logistics figured out. Before you open your doors to the public, consider these three factors.

The Right Types of Business Insurance

As the owner, you must consider your premises, customers, and employees. Carrying the right types of business insurance for health food stores makes all the difference.

Depending on your store's exact setup, you will need some combination of the following:

A Fitting Commercial Space

Your health food establishment's location is nearly as important as its product lineup. Aim for an area with lots of foot traffic. This makes it convenient for loyal shoppers while also attracting plenty of new customers.

Enrolling in general liability insurance is often a prerequisite for getting approved to lease commercial space. Why? Because it shifts the possible liability of an accident or mishap from the landlord to your policy.

An Understanding of Consumers' Wants and Habits

What do health-conscious consumers really want? Organic food is one shining example. In 2016, organic food sales reached a record-breaking $43 billion. That represents an 8.4 percent increase from the year before.

Whatever your store's specialty, conduct market research to determine what shoppers want to see on your shelves or menu. You'll also need a good idea of your target customers' behavior, as well as competitors' offerings.

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